Covid-19 update: 24/03/2020

Following our government’s announcements this afternoon optician’s practices have been included as an essential service.

Despite this we feel it is not in the interest of public health to provide a normal service safely.
With this in mind we are providing the following services behind closed doors:

  • Contact lens orders
  • Replacement spectacle orders
  • Limited repairs
  • Urgent ocular emergencies
  • Advice by phone

Phone us on (089) 4022324 by messaging on Facebook or email at

We will not be adjusting glasses at the moment as this necessitates close contact. Please be patient with us as there will only be one member of staff in the practice. We are acutely aware of the need to limit interactions in the coming weeks. If you do not need to come in please stay at home.

We are aware that some older patients may not have online access so we would be grateful if you could share this information especially the emergency phone number which will always be answered and we are happy to answer all enquiries.

We are very happy to take orders over the phone and to then post the items to you.
Let’s hope that if we all do our bit then these very unfriendly practices and methods can be discarded soon!!

We very much look forward to the day when the door is wide open again.

Regards, all the staff at Mongey Opticians.